Directions to the Button Cottages
Directions from Maine Turnpike  INT 95 Exit #48
To get to the Five Kezar Lakes:

1. From exit 48 go right and continue to the intersection of Rt 302. Go left onto Rt 302.

2. Take Rt 302 to Bridgton Maine.  At the light ( near the Norway Savings Bank) go straight onto Rt 37 toward Harrison. )Do not turn left and go through downtown Bridgtown. )

3. When you get to the lake in  Harrison, take a sharp left onto Rt 35 toward Waterford.

4. Go past Bear Pond on the left and continue on Rt 35 to Waterford village, which is right after Keoka Lake on your right.  In the village turn left toward North Waterford. Go over the big hill and in about 5 miles or so, as you come down another big hill, you will be in North Waterford.

5. After the Post Office on your right there is Melby's on your right.  Turn left at Melby's and go about 2 miles ( right before the road turns to dirt ) and turn right at the signs on the tree.  Follow the BUTTON signs.

Directions From Concord NH       INT 93 Exit #23
1. Go North on Int 93 to Exit 23. Go right onto Rt 104 to Meredith.
2. At the intersection and light across from McDonald’s, turn left onto Rt 3. ( go .8 miles) You are in Meredith!
3. At the light after the lake and docks and boat launch, turn right onto Rt 25 toward Center Harbor and Moultonboro.
4. Take Rt 25  about 22.5 miles to RT 16 by the Pig Roast place and Mobil station on your right.
5. Turn Left onto Rt 16  North toward Conway.
6. At a light continue  straight onto Rt 302 toward Fryeburg Maine.
7. In Fryeburg, after Fryeburg Academy on your right, turn leftish onto Rt 5 toward the Fryeburg Fairgrounds, and Lovell Maine.
8. Go through Lovell, North Lovell, and Stoneham Maine.
9.  At the intersection with the famous sign, go straight onto Rt 35 toward North Waterford. DO NOT TURN LEFT with RT 5 North toward Bethel)
10. Go straight and by the Mallard Mart Store go right up the hill on Rt 35.  Melby’s Market is on the left at the top.
11. Opposite Melby, turn right onto Five Kezar Rd and keep right by the church. Go about 2 miles to the second set of camp signs and turn right onto the dirt rd. Follow the signs for BUTTON. It will go left onto Bridge Rd.
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