Frequently Asked Questions
Can we bring our dog?
A well-behaved family dog is welcome in some cottages and the other dogs are not.  People who have pets and respect the furniture, clean up after the dog, scoop the poop, leash the dog as necessary, etc are welcome. We know you love your dog. People who would let dripping  wet dogs in the cottage, leave a mess in common areas, have shedding dogs lounge on the furniture, leave the dog and let the dog bark, wander, bother others, etc are not welcome. We have considered a $50 deposit for “ new “ dogs but we have had very few problems since most people are quite considerate and take care of their “ other family member “, the dog!
What do I need for the kitchen? The kitchen has plates, cups, glasses, pot & pans, silverware and the usual utensils. All cottages have a microwave. You will need to bring dish towels and FOOD!

Do you require a deposit?
We ask for a $300 per week deposit. Cancellation is very unusual and really kills a family business. If we can rent your week after you have to cancel, we'll return your deposit.  If we can't, we are out $640 and kept your deposit.  We both feel the pain. It is rare. 

Is the beach private? No one but your family will use your beach, or even walk by you at the  Haven,  Pinewood,and Point which have 200+ ft on the lake. You can’t see others from the Haven. The pictures kind of tell the story. Cove and GH share a swimming beach but have separate sitting areas on the Cove.

What do I need to bring? Kitchen,bedroom, and bath linens. 

Where are the grocery stores?Our guests frequently stop at a grocery store on their way here so they hit their vacation running! There is a new Hannaford’s on Rt 302 in Bridgton, Shaw’s in North Conway on Rt 302, Hannaford’s and Walmart in Oxford on Rt 26.

Do I need a fishing license? Yes. The State of Maine stocks the local lakes and revenue from licensing supports the whole regulation of the sport.  You can buy them at Melby’s out to town.

How is the fishing? This is a tough question. The fishing can be as good as the fisherman, if you know what I mean.  There is pickerel, yellow perch, small-mouth bass, white perch, sunfish, hornpout, and lake trout ( good luck on the trout! ) The pickerel and bass are the game fish but those big yellow perch are a fight as well.  Most people don’t eat much fresh water fish except for the big bass, white perch, and pickerel ( which I find extremely boney due to my lack of cleaning technique !) Catch & release seems to be the thing these days.

Where are the churches? There are numerous churches in the area. Norway, South Paris, Bridgton, and the bigger towns have many faiths. The local newspaper will have the times.
Will my cell phone work?
Perhaps! How is that for no answer?  We are in shadow of a hill between us and  the new cell tower for Verizon and US Celluar. Your phone will work near Melby’s in the village if you use Verizon or US Celluar.
 The others?