History of the Button Cottages
Bill Button Sr ( N Waterford Postmaster 33 yrs ) and Blanche Button bought this point of land in the early 40’s. They built a cabin on the point and rented it to their Boston friends for a wilderness vacation. Bill Sr created a lot each for his sons Bill Jr and Ben and camps were built on those lots. These were rented for years and Bill Sr and Blanche had a little trailer near the Point for summer time get-aways. Button grandchildren always came to Maine, especially in the summer.
In the late 60’s Bill Sr and Blanche retired from the Post Office and bought a mobile home to replace the trailer, but they went south for most winters.  In early 70’s Bill Jr and Ella moved to Maine and lived in the Cranberry Cove cottage, built their Guest House, and eventually built and moved into the Pinewood house. The Ranch House was built for Bill Sr and Blanche. Upon their passing away, Bill Jr and Ella moved to the Ranch and rented the Pinewood house. They too went south or southwest for the winters. Bill Sr, Ella, and Ben have now all passed away as well.
Today the next generation is continuing the tradition of sharing the lake property and providing family vacations for those who enjoy those unique summer days ON THE LAKE.  Jim Button is pleased to see another generation of grandchildren come to Maine for a vacation ON THE LAKE. Traditions continue
We are pleased that other families have vacation traditions ON THE LAKE in Maine. Let us continue.
Today Jim and Deb Button work with their children and their spouses Andrew & Meredith, Abigail, Thomas & Merri, and nephew and niece, Keith  Anderson and Lynn  & Chris Reilly to handle the cottage rental business. Bill & Blanche’s greatgreat grandchildren, Ella, Jackson, and Luna love the family times AT THE LAKE.
History of the Button Cottages
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