In the Local Area  (page 1)
At the Five Kezars
    *******    Greater Lovell Land trust hikes     *******
    ************      *Swim in the Falls *        ******************
 North Waterford
 - ice cream at Melby's
Waterford Flat
 - hike Mt Tirem
- kayak in Keoka Lake
- kayak in Keywadin Lake
- AJ's Everything ( country dining room)
- ride up Evans Notch
- Saco River Canoe rentals
- golf at the Norway Country Club
- visit the Main St shops
- golf at the Highlands
- see a movie at the theater
Most families make and find their own adventures.  They enjoy exploring the region and the peaceful, relaxing, rural part of the western Maine foothills. To relax AT THE LAKE in their own private cottage is highlight of each day.
In the Local Area  (page 1)
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