In the Local Area  ( page 3 )
- snack at the Lovell store  
- kayak Kezar Lake  
South Paris
- hike Streaked Mtn
- traditional fast food ( McDonald's, Wendy's, Dunkin Donuts)
- eat at Market Square family restaraunt
- visit the shops
-dinner reservations at the Bethel Country Inn
- shop at Hannaford's
- shop at WalMart
- movies at Flagship Cinema ( several theaters )
- Oxford Plains Speedway ( this link has sound and makes you jump! )
- visit the Candle Shop
Most families make and find their own adventures.  They enjoy exploring the region and the peaceful, relaxing, rural part of the western Maine foothills. To relax AT THE LAKE in their own private cottage is highlight of each day.
In the Local Area  ( page 3 )
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